What is Dinner Church?

It is a regular gathering of people (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly). There is a meal (or coffee meet ups, etc.), a Jesus story, a time of prayer, and lots of great conversation. Dinner Churches are perfect for people who would not consider attending a brick and mortar church or those who may have experienced some sort of hurt in the past.

N.E.I. Dinner Church Collective: Where to Start

Pray & Listen: Where is Jesus already at work around you and how might you join Him on mission? Sharing a meal is one of the oldest forms of hospitality. Around the table we are all equal!

Talk with your pastor & email the district office.

Complete an NEI Mission Action Plan (MAP). Here

List your PAC: use this link to list your PAC (Parent Affiliated Church) with the denomination.


Is Dinner Church really “church?” As defined by the Church of the Nazarene, a church is any group who meets together regulary for worship. So, yes! A Dinner Church is a form of church.

What is the purpose of a Dinner Church? The purpose of Dinner Church is simple. Create safe places where friends come together to talk about faith, to serve together, and to sharpen one another. The goal is not to get people to a Sunday morning service (this may result, however, it is not the intended “end game”).

Don’t I need to be a pastor or have special education? No! Because we believe God has empowered each of us to live on mission in order to fully represent Himself in this world, we empower followers of Jesus to create expressions of “church” wherever they go. Dining with others at a Dinner Church is a natural way of fully demonstrating the “Priesthood of all Believers.”  

How is a Dinner Church classified with the denomination? Your dinner church could be considered a PAC (Parent Affiliated Church), CTM (Church Type Mission), or its own registered church.

Do I have to have music? Absolutely not! If someone in your group is musically inclined and a time of musical worship is appropriate for your group, go for it! If not, don’t sweat it!

What do we serve? You decide. It can be as simple or as “extra” as you want it to be. Sometimes starting simple is best! Find one meal that you could easily prepare regularly and just start there. Taco Tuesdays, Waffle Wednesdays, Lunch Hour Mondays, Dessert Nights, Friday Night Pizza, you name it…..it could be your “thing.”

Who should help me? As with all ministry, ministry is most successful when a diverse groups comes together to serve as one body. Find a couple of friends who are passionate about Jesus and form a “launch team.” Not sure who you have to help? Step out in faith and just start! It doesn’t take an army.

What do we talk about? Many Dinner Churches have “Jesus Stories” that last less than five minutes. Personal stories from those who are being transformed by Jesus followed by very brief, guided discussions. Others use the “Discover Bible App,” share a brief scripture followed by four static questions that helps facilitate discussion.

Where do we meet? Where ever the people are! Your home, a community center, a school, a park, your breakroom at work or school, in a bar, or over Zoom with your lunch. Your imagination is the only limiting factor when it comes to location.

Who do we invite? Defining your “who” is important. Start by determining whether you are trying to reach your neighbors, people in certain neighborhoods, your work colleagues, classmates, etc.

How can I find support from other like-minded ministry practitioners? Right here. We are here to help you as you join the @TheTable NEI Dinner Church Collective. We want to partner with you in every way. You are also invited to join our monthly Pioneer Cohort sessions for those leading in non-traditional ministry settings. We also have a Facebook Group designed for NEI practitioners of Dinner Church.

CURRENT @TheTable Dinner Church Collective Churches:

Anderson: Southdale Community Dinner

Daleville: Waffle Wednesday

Daleville: Taco Tuesday

Montpelier: Cornerstone Community Dinner Church

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