Missional Ministry & Leading Change:

So, you’ve been asking some pretty big questions. You know where you believe God is leading you to lead your congregation. But, you aren’t sure how you will actaully obtain buy-in, ownership, and accountability without undermining the culture you’ve already worked to create. If you find yourself asking questions like:

  • “What kinds of problems require what kinds of change?” 

  • “How do I move the church from point A to B?”

  • “How can I make sure the congregants embrace the change?”

  • “How do I implement the change without losing my job?”

  • “How do I make sure the church doesn’t slide back into the way things were?”

We invite you to join us for this important discusison around missional ministry and initiating lasting change in local congregations. Participants will walk away with practical principles they can use to begin planning, implementing, and sustaining the changes God has asked them to lead. Regardless of the size of your God-given mission, this one-day seminar will equip you with change-management skills you need for the journey.

Wednesday, November 1st. 9am-3pm Ft Wayne Liberty Mills Church of the Nazarene (lunch & snacks provided)

Assessment Weekend

The New Church Leaders Assessment Center is a two day event during which ministers and spouses are evaluated to determine whether a specific minister has the skillset to serve as the founding pastor of a new church. It is a valuable process which could help to confirm your call. NEI will cover all fees.

November 9-11: Piqua, OH.

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